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  • wood to propane

    My three-year old wood burner had a meltdown thanks to a relative & friends who started it before the water reached the appropriate height.

    Before replacing it, I wanted to consider switching to gas and adding a filter. So far I have gone with frequent water changes and no chemicals. I'm not opposed to chemicals, just haven't figured out that part. Wood is plentiful, but easy might be nice, too.

    Any comments or advise on making the switch would be appreciated.

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    propane versus wood.

    I used wood for my first year.Had to stop using wood as fire patrol saw my smoke one day.Even with approved spark arrestor on stove pipe I can,t legally
    burn wood for most of the summer and fall months.Not even to heat my house.So propane was my answer because you have to go for a building permit for electric you need ground fault protection in circuit breaker and then a inspection.The permit and inspection was cost prohibitive.Propane for now is cheaper than electric.Also safer.Easer to install.PS.propane line installed by gas supplier,plus the correct regulator.NO inspection required like you said easier to use.