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  • Millipedes/Centipedes

    I have a weird one for you! I live in Ohio and since the weather has warmed up (first spring/summer with the tub) I have been finding a ton of millipedes underneath my lid and around the inside rim of the tub. It is not a huge deal, but kind of freaks my wife out to climb in to a tub with a bunch of millipede cadavers floating around. Does anyone know, are they just attracted to the water, is it the cedar wood? Is there anything to do about it which I doubt? Any insight would be great and a relief to my wife.

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    can't help much, but we use a splatter screen, for a frying pan, as a skimmer. Bought a couple from the grocery store for a few bucks, works well....


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      Those insects thrive in damp area like your tub. I am in SE Michigan and probably have similar envirnomental conditions as you, and my tub is a haven for these bugs. I use the tub only during the winter months when these bugs are dormant. I do keep it full during the summer to prevent shrinkage of the staves, occasionally adding a few cups of bleach, to hopefully kill any insects, mostly mosquito larvae, that might be breeding. I also find that sowbugs like the tub. My tub is close to 20 years old and there is a lot of damage from these bugs. Hopefully I can get a few more years out of it.

      In the fall, I drain it, scrub it with bleach and refill with water, then add a lot of bleach to kill off anything that might still be breeding. In late November, after the leaves are done falling from the trees, and finding their way into the tub, I drain it again, rinse and drain a few times, then refill with the water that will remain for soaking. During the first few heating sessions, a few bugs will show up in the water, but they are dead. As mentioned by the previous poster, get a screen ( I have a swimming pool skimmer screen that I use) and just lift them out and throw them over the side.

      And I would try to not drink to much of your water. I hope this helps.