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Life of tub water

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  • Life of tub water

    I built a cement tub as I live in Guatemala and the wood tubs are not available. How long do you leave the water in before draining and refilling? I'm not using any chemicals and clean the tub with bleach water when it's empty. Thanks for any guidance!

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    Hi Belle,

    If you are using chlorine as a sanitizer/oxidizer and are running a filter you can stretch the life of the water to 2-3 months. I've attached the King County manual on hot tub safety. It covers the basics pretty well.
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      Can wood tubs serve the purpose of a swimming pool? I have a pool at home that was constructed an year ago by one of the swimming pool builders of Vaughan. We clean and maintain the swimming pools quite often. I think you must clean the tub frequently. Since I'm not that familiar with the maintenance of tubs it would be good if some experts share their valuable thoughts on it.