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Gas and Electric Hot Tubs

Gas & Electric Hot Tubs are LOADED

  • 4 JETS give you an invigorating water-massage for the ultimate in relaxation.
  • Copper ionizer reduces chemical use by creating natural sanitizing copper ions.
  • NEW! Infrared Remote Controlled Power Pak: control heater, jets, filtration from up to 25’.
    No wires!
  • NEW! Optional Environmentally-Conscious Lo NOx (nitrous oxide) gas heater meets toughest emission controls anywhere, CA & TX included.

Gas - Electric Hot Tub

The ultimate in beauty & convenience

Each of our gas and electric heated hot tub packages come complete with the following equipment:

  • Western Red Cedar tub (all heart wood) with stainless steel hoops standard
  • Full circle bench seating
  • Locking insulating vinyl covered foam cover, your choice of colors
  • Power Pak™ equipment skid comes pre-plumbed and pre-wired and mounted on a skid for your convenience. For your safety and to meet many local codes, the Power Pak™ is UL listed as an integrated system. Freeze protection is built in to the system. It comes with your choice of 5.5 or 11kW electric heater or 100,000 BTU natural gas or LP heater, 2 speed 3 HP Waterway pump with debris trap and strainer basket, 50 sq. ft cartridge filter and copper and zinc ionizer for sanitizing water. For more information on our Power Pak™ systems, see page on Power Pak™ details.
  • 4-function wired digital spa side control (standard) provides push button convenience to control temperature, jets, lights, and filter cycle. 8- button in-house control (wired) or infrared remote (wireless) are optional
  • All plumbing and parts for your hydrotherapy jet system including 4 jets, 2 suction fittings and 4 individual air controls, one for each hydrotherapy jet.
  • Chemical test kit with test strips for water maintenance
  • And last, but not least, our “world famous” rubber ducky to make your tubbing experience complete!

Stainless steel hoops are standard. Interested in adding the in-house 8-button remote, upgrading to the infrared remote or larger size heater? Power Pak™ option information and prices are below the gas/electric system prices. The insulating vinyl covers are available in a wide selection of colors. To learn more about the equipment and everything that is included, the the gas and electric system info page has all the details.

Gas and Electric Tub Packages

(Call for pricing on other sizes or custom)

All Gas and Electric Tubs (except 8' diameter) Have Stainless Steel Hoops Standard

Gas (Natural Gas or LP) Systems

125,000 BTU Heater Standard
Tub Size Price NOW
4 x 3 $  7,390 $6,250 $   840
4 x 4 $  7,790 $6,550 $   900
5 x 3 $  8,095 $6,690 $   945
5 x 4 $  8,495 $6,990 $1,145
6 x 3 $  8,690 $7,050 $1,200
6 x 4 $  9,290 $7,450 $1,400
7 x 3 $  9,570 $7,690 $1,480
7 x 4 $10,070 $7,990 $1,580
8 x 3 $10,650 $8,395 $2,655
8 x 4 $10,400 $8,595 $2,005

Electric Systems

Your choice of 5.5 or 11kW
Tub Size Price NOW
4 x 3 $6,090 $5,250 $   840
4 x 4 $6,490 $5,590 $   900
5 x 3 $6,895 $5,850 $1,045
5 x 4 $7,295 $6,050 $1,245
6 x 3 $7,445 $6,190 $1,255
6 x 4 $8,045 $6,590 $1,455
7 x 3 $8,345 $6,790 $1,555
7 x 4 $8,845 $7,190 $1,655
8 x 3 $8,945 $6,995 $1,950
8 x 4 $9,345 $7,395 $1,950
Tubs with all vertical grain available for a 5% (of base tub only price) additional charge. For a Power Pak™ system with no jets, deduct $250. For black iron hoops deduct $300-500 depending on size.

Simple Soaking Tubs

Want a tub with no jets, just for soaking?

Take a look at our Simple Soaker™ page.

We've designed our Simple Soaker tubs to provide the luxury of tubbing with the convenience of gas or electric heat at a great price point.

Prices start from $3,195

Accessories & Options For Gas & Electric Heated Tubs

Heaters — upgrade (not unit) prices

All 200k BTU and larger heaters incorporate advanced low emission technology and require high flow rate pumps. Pump specs can vary depending on configuration. Call for pump pricing.
Unit Item # Upgrade Price
Larger heaters for faster more efficient heating
Pentair 200k BTU electronic ignition Nat Gas APNG20 $    995.00
Pentair 300k BTU electronic ignition Nat Gas APNG30 $ 1,375.00
Pentair 400k BTU electronic ignition Nat Gas APNG40 $ 1,675.00
Pentair 200k BTU electronic ignition LP APLP20 $    995.00
Pentair 300k BTU electronic ignition LP APLP30 $ 1,375.00
Pentair 400k BTU electronic ignition LP APLP40 $ 1,675.00

Control Options (unit prices)

Unit SKU Price
In-house 8-function control
(requires installed 8 function spa-side control)
PPC8 $   295.00

Insulating cover color selections

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