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What do Snorkel® Hot Tub Owners have to say?


A Unique Value System.

Our owners are as exceptional as our products. They love the outdoors and natural environments and have put their tubs in in the backyards of upscale homes and rustic cabins, in every state in the USA, and in places as far-flung as Nepal, Bulgaria, Tasmania, North Pole, Alaska, Cameroon, and dozens more. They're creative and appreciate self-reliance and range in age from mid 20's to late 80's. They seek quality and are “hands-on” kind of people. Snorkel Hot Tub owners tend to be hardworking people who find real value in taking some time for themselves — alone or with friends.

Chat with a Snorkel owner

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“I thought I couldn't afford a wooden hot tub...”

Owner hot tub“We're semi-retired teachers who have a recreational cabin in Alaska. We enjoy backpacking, hiking, hunting, fishing, berry picking, and having fun with friends and family.
Great family activity
The tub is perfect for us. It's on a floating deck next to our boat dock where we watch muskrats swim and moose wander by. It's a super pleasant setting. It adds a new dimension to our cabin. It's wonderful for children and a great family activity. We can use it when it's 40° below zero. I always thought I couldn't afford a wooden hot tub until I found out how really reasonable and environmentally sound yours are. As far as I'm concerned, Snorkel is the best. Cost to run the tub? Just the gas to run the chainsaw!”
Wendell Shiffler, Fairbanks AK

DubrockOff The Grid

“We're an Alaskan family with a wilderness cabin. We have 5 kids and no electricity. Your reputation for  quality helped me choose Snorkel. Quality is excellent, heating is a snap. It's easy to use and I never needed to use your Warranty.” — Roger Dubrock, Anchorage AK

Lawton“Morning coffee and a good book.”
“Owning a hot tub was always a dream and we were intrigued by the ingenuity of your design: a wood  burning stove.  We'd never own a synthetic tub in a wilderness site. We like the combination of practical and aesthetic benefits: stimulates circulation, removes toxins; plus wisps of smoke, mosquito candles nearby, stars, morning coffee with a good book."
— Mark Lawton, Saratoga Springs NY


Whole-Family Fun
The Snorkel® Hot Tub quite literally brings people together. You and your fellow hot tubbers share the same experience and the result is usually enhanced closeness — a rare commodity in today's over-booked families.

SheldonWilliams“It gets our daughter to come to the cabin with us.”
“I'm an architect and my wife is a photographer. We have a Snorkel Hot Tub at our off-the-grid vacation cabin. It has provided hours of entertainment for us and friends. The hot tub gets our teenage daughter and her friends to come to the cabin with us. I like soaking in the hot tub. I don't need the noise or bubbles of a conventional spa. It's great to watch the meteors on a dark, moonless night.” — Jeff Sheldon, Lewiston MT

Zen drawing
A drawing of the Parkers' hot tub by their daughter,Brynne.

“My daughter and I talked and listened to nature's harmonies.”
“Our family enjoys the outdoors so much more with our hot tub. We've watched meteor showers and the northern lights. Last night, my daughter, Brynne, stayed up and we spent a half-hour in the hot tub talking and listening to nature's harmonies as a special treat for her.”— Jim Parker, Kalispell MT

“My whole family enjoys it.”
“My whole family rushes to enjoy our Snorkel Hot Tub. In summer, we keep it cooler so the kids can stay in longer. I like using it for quiet afternoons in the winter months. Add a little falling snow — heaven. In my opinion, it's very superior to any other in convenience, beauty, joy, safety, and quality.” — Sharyn Ronnow, Parowan, UT


All Year 'Round...Especially Winter!
We have hot tub owners in every single state in the USA and in many foreign countries. Our tubs are actively used in every imaginable climate from tropics to desert, every geography from plains to mountaintops.

BoudreauCold weather treat
“If I could be outdoors 100% of the time, I would. The Snorkel hot tub means I can be outside relaxing in even the coldest weather — what a treat!” —Susan Boudreau, Seattle WA


A soothing aid to better health
The soothing effect of warm water on mind and muscle has been recognized as early as 4000 B.C. and was advocated by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, in ancient Greece. Scientific research proves that warm water exercise reduces stress, increases blood flow, and improves sleep patterns. Warm water benefits those with arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and some forms of diabetes. The Arthritis Foundation recommends warm water exercise. Our tubs make exercise convenient: they're far deeper than shallow plastic spas.

StoffelHis prescription for health and long life...
“I soak away pain and forget about life's trials.”
The fact that your tub heats with wood is the main reason I chose Snorkel, but the looks and construction also sold me. The quality is excellent, it's a good value, simple to heat, easy to use, and has a good warranty. I soak away aches and pains and forget about the emotional trials of life. Without question, the Snorkel Hot Tub is the greatest physical and emotional therapy I've experienced in my life. — Tom Stoffel, La Honda CA

LyonQuiet night bliss
“I'm a retired engineer. My wife and I suffer the usual aches, pains, and joint problems associated with age and find the Snorkel hot tub gives relief. We liked the idea of a hot tub in our garden and chose wood heat to avoid the cost and complications of other heating systems. I'm amazed how little wood it takes to heat the tub. The best reason to own one is the chance to find bliss in your own garden on a quiet night. Try it with a couple of glasses of iced wine!”
— David Lyon, Chula Vista CA

“It's like having a chiropractor at your disposal!”
“We're middle-aged and that means sore backs. I also have neck problems due to a car accident. The Snorkel hot tub is deep and can relieve most of the pain. It's like having a chiropractor at your disposal! The fact that the tub is heated with wood makes it tremendously cost saving. Wood is plentiful and cheaper than electricity, and the stove is efficient. I love the aesthetics of wood and the combined smells of a wood fire and a cedar tub is heavenly.
DrennanExcellent quality & design flexibility
We considered other hot tubs but chose Snorkel because you've been in business longer than the newcomers. I wish I'd bought one sooner! The quality is excellent. All boards are excellent quality. I also like the design flexibility with optional jets and seating. The curved stairs are space-efficient and make it easy to get in and out of, even with a bad ankle.
Caressed by warm water
The biggest benefit I receive is peace of mind, body, and soul while watching the orange sunsets or the stars while being caressed by warm water and smelling burning wood and cedar. It's excellent therapy for whatever ails you — physically or mentally. I've recommended Snorkel to quite a few folks.” — Rebecca Drennan, Millinocket, ME

KusamaCommuning with Nature, Family & Friends
“We recently built a log home that has become THE gathering place for friends and family. The Snorkel Hot Tub was a most fitting addition to our little haven. We look up at the stars through the trees and hear the coyotes howl as we commune with nature in an elemental way.”
— Susan Kusama, St. Louis MO



There are many good reasons to own a hot tub — and a Snorkel wood-fired hot tub in particular — but some of the less obvious reasons may be the best. Read our customer comments in this section and check out the Owner's Corner forum. We think you'll discover many new reasons to consider owning a Snorkel® hot tub.

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