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Prices - Wood Hot Tubs, Stoves & Equipment Skids

Tubs Only

Our cedar hot tubs are available on their own as replacement tubs in a variety of standard sizes with custom sizes also available. Cedar hot tubs come with stainless bands that won't stain the cedar and make assembly much easier than with rigid iron hoops. Stainless bands and connectors also prevent rusting of threads providing the ability to tighten hoops as needed as the tub ages. Tub shown is a 6x3 with stainless hoops, Snorkel stove installed and with a stair kit. All wood hot tub dimensions are outside diameter and height in feet. Interior depths are 5" less than the height and the inside diameter is approximately 4" less than the overall O.D.

Wood Fired Hot Tub
Tubs with stainless steel bands
Size Item#   PRICE
4 x 3 T43S $  3,725 $  3,595
4 x 4 T44S $  4,550 $  4,395
5 x 3 T53S $  4,550 $  4,495
5 x 4 T54S $  5,570 $  5,395
5 x 5 T55S $  6,960 $  6,795
6 x 3 T63S $  5,680 $  5,495
6 x 4 T64S $  6,830 $  6,595
6 x 5 T65S $  8,535 $  8,295
7 x 3 T73S $  7,045 $  6,795
7 x 4 T74S $  8,360 $  7,995
7 x 5 T75S $10,325 $  9,995
7 x 6 T76S $11,250 $10,995
8 x 3 T83S $  8,575 $  8,295
8 x 4 T84S $10,190 $  9,795
8 x 5 T85S $12,095 $11,795
8 x 6 T86S $13,690 $13,395

Woodburning Stoves Only (fence included)

Our wood-fired stoves are available in two models the Scuba and the Snorkel. The Snorkel has a BTU capacity of 120,000 BTUs when fired with a full load of wood. The Scuba has approximately half that capacity at about 60.000 BTUs. The Scuba Stove is small enough to be used in most stock tanks while being sufficiently submerged to prevent the aluminum body from melting.

Wood Fired Hot Tub
  Dimensions Approximate Heat rates for a 5'x3' tub (315 gallons)
Scuba Stove 24" h X 25" w X 10" d 23° per hour
Snorkel Stove 30" h X 31" w X 14" d 46° per hour
Stoves (fence included)
Stove Item# Now
Scuba SCI $   895
Snorkel SNI $1,295

Power Paks™

Gas and Electric Power Paks

Our Power Pak™ systems are made for us by Hydro Quip using Balboa electronics. The components are chosen specifically for their suitability for use with the requirements of our hot tub installations. For example, all Power Pak™ components are weather proof and designed to be outdoors with no additional protection required. The pumps are designed to be up to 20' away from the tub and still provide the proper flow rate to the hydrotherapy jets. Many pumps are designed for spas (i.e., to be under the skirt of the spa) and only work well if they are extremely close to the tub.

Just as important as the individual components of the Power Pak™ is the fact that they come pre-plumbed and mounted on an easily movable plastic skid. In addition, not only are all the components UL listed, the entire Power Pak™ skid is UL listed as an integrated system to meet the most stringent safety and local code requirements.

The heart of the Power Pak™ is the control system, which is enclosed in a weather proof metal housing. The Power Pak™ comes standard with a digital 4-function remote control that allows you to control the water temperature, tub light (if installed), turn the jets on and off or even turn the pump off completely for totally silent blissful relaxation. Additional control options are listed below the standard equipment.

Each Power Pak™ includes as standard equipment:

  • Heating: your choice of electric (available in 11kW or 5.5 kW) or Pentair 125,000 BTU Natural Gas or Liquid Propane.
  • Finest quality Balboa and Hydroquip components in weatherproof enclosure, no extra protection needed
  • 2 speed motor powers 4 hydrotherapy jets easily, runs quietly on low speed for filtration/heating.
  • 50 sq. ft. cartridge filter.
  • 4 function spa side control for heat, jets and lights (if installed)
  • Pressure and flow switch protected to protect heater.
  • Integrated freeze protection.
  • Gate valves to allow easy quick connect/disconnect of skid from hot tub.

The Power Pak™ skids are typically sold as standalone items. A variety of plumbing packages are available, for circulation only and jetted. As customer needs are usually quite varied, we quote the plumbing packgages individually. Call us to configure and quote a plumbing package for you.


  1. WiFi Receiver — allows you to control your spa from anywhere using the Balboa app on your smart phone.


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