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Snorkel Hot Tubs: Cedar Wood Hot Tubs for Every Need & Budget

Snorkel Hot Tubs got its start in Fairbanks, AK in 1980 when Roger Evans came up with the idea of a heating a tub by burning wood as part of a physics class at the University of Alaska. Roger lived a little  outside of town where electricity wasn’t available and wood was plentiful.  

The simplicity and effectiveness of the design attracted friends and neighbors who also wanted one. As a  result, Roger (who had moved to Seattle after graduation) and friend, Blair Howe, set up The Snorkel  Stove Company in Seattle and, at the start, ran mail order ads in a few magazines. They were on the fledgling pro skiing circuit at the time and would come back to Seattle on the weekends and respond to  mail inquiries and voicemail and take orders. Then off to the ski racing circuit again.  

Things grew from there. Forty plus years later, we have greatly expanded the offerings in terms of hot  tub sizes and equipment options to heat them (a tub for every need and budget) and have moved three times to accommodate expansion. Along the way, we changed our name to Snorkel Hot Tubs to reflect the broader nature of the company’s product lines.


Nothing quite captures the Zen of hot tubbing like our wood-fired hot tubs. You are part of the process, building the fire, feeding it and jumping in and enjoying the unique combination of the cedar aroma, steaming hot water and a crackling fire. The essence of relaxation combines the classic elements of earth (the cedar), water, fire and air.  

Not to be left too far behind, our gas and electric heated tubs offer the always on, push button, WiFi convenience that are the only option for in-city living and those who just don’t have the luxury of time to build and tend a fire to heat their hot tub. While the heating process is left to automation you still have the luxury of soothing hot water and the wonderful aroma of cedar to wind down the cares of the day.


While Snorkel® Hot Tubs do have unique Zen-like qualities, don’t think that Snorkel hot tubbing needs to  be solely about quiet contemplation. For most Snorkel® Hot Tub owners, their hot tubs are used for more everyday kinds of enjoyment and just plain fun. Whether it’s a relaxing family conversation, close quarters synchronized swimming (courtesy Rose City Rain Drops) a recreation of a scene from the old sitcom Petticoat Junction using your pet chihuahuas, or a little target practice from the comfort of your hot tub, Snorkel hot tubbing is about your enjoyment.

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