Electric Hot Tub Heating

Power Pak™ Electric Heating

The heating elements for the Power Pak™ are inline in the silver tube behind the control box.  There are two elements for a 10kW heater and a single element for a 5.5kW heater.

Most people choose a 10kW heater for their hot tub, but the 5.5kW version is a great option if there is limited panel capacity or if you are in a mild climate.

For faster heating or very cold climates larger heaters are available.  They range from 18kW to 36kw in 6kW increments.  They obviously require a very large panel and are generally used in commercial environments

Heating, filtration and other functions are controlled with TP800 spaside control.  It has a user-friendly graphical interface.  You can keep the tub at normal tubbing temperature if you choose or set lower maintenance temperature and raise to normal tubbing temperature, 104°F, only when you want to use the tub.

An optional spaside is Balboa’s SpaTouch3 which provides an even more visual and intuitive operation.  It is required with the Balboa Clim8zone heat pump.

The Power Pak™ is Wi-Fi ready and with the optional Wi-Fi module, you can control the system from anywhere with your mobile phone.  About to leave work and want to jump in the hot tub?  Open the Balboa app and set the temperature and get ready to enjoy your hot tub.

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Power Pak™ Electric Heating

The Classic Pak™, unlike the Power Pak™ is an old school basic set up.  It is intended for rugged installations where spa techs may not be available should a circuit board fail.  Most maintenance can be handled by the homeowner or electrician, if need be.  It can also be appropriate for solar installations as most home solar installations don’t provide power that is clean enough for digital circuit boards.

The Classic Pak™ is not thermostatically controlled. The pump is controlled by a 24/7 timer.  When the timer cycles to an on stage, the pump comes on the heater is activated.  You can set as many on/off cycles for the pump to come on and off as you wish.  Most people will dial in the timer so the main cycle comes on an hour or two before they come home so it is ready for the evening.

Temperature control is provided by a simple dial thermostat on the back of the Heatmax unit.   Simply set your desired temperature for normal tubbing or for a lower maintenance temperature and forget about it.

In the image to the right, the timer enclosure box is shown mounted on a metal post which attached to the skid.  This is optional as most electricians and homeowners prefer to have it mounted on a structure, typically the side of the house as shown below.