Snorkel in Television

HGTV Super Scapes –

August 2008: Garden Feast for the Senses

Superscapes with host Gary Gregg was our first venture with HGTV to install one of our Snorkel cedar hot tubs in coordination with a backyard makeover for TV.  It was eye opening to be part of the process.  This makeover took a completely overgrown and unusable backyard and turned into a fun and quirky delight, complete with landscaped chess board, honey bee hives and small vegetable garden. View More Images

HGTV Yard Crashers –

November 2009: Industrial Metal Bar

Yard Crashers starts with the host, Ahmed Hassan, approaching unsuspecting people in the garden section of stores and asking if they want a backyard makeover.  The willing customer in this case wanted an outdoor bar (made of metal) for his back yard and got a lot more. VIEW MORE IMAGES 

June 2011: Modern California Resort

In this episode, Ahmed transformed a backyard of nothing but weeds and cracked concrete into a gorgeous modern California resort with, of course, a Snorkel Hot Tub, another water feature and an outdoor fireplace.  View More Images

HGTV Elbow Room –

March 2015: Elbow Room Atlanta

Elbow Room is a program in which the host sets out to solve the situation where the home no longer meets the family’s needs.  This family was looking for a space to relax and do yoga. The makeover connected a spare room to the stunning backyard retreat area complete with water feature, fireplace and, of course, a Snorkel Hot Tub.  The design idea of putting the tub inside of a concrete block structure, while attractive, is strongly not recommended.   Where there is water there will be leaks and you don’t want to have to break through concrete to have to fix them.  View More Images

DIY Blog Cabin –

May 2012: Waldoboro, ME

Blog Cabin is a viewer inspired design approach for makeovers.  During the course of the program the host, Chris Grundy asks viewers to vote on the program’s website to choose among design approaches for various aspects of the project.  We wanted to have the viewers select between our various hot tubs, but got vetoed, so we went with a wood-fired hot tub for this rural, but spectacular location overlooking a lake. View More Images.

June 2015: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

What started out as an old run-down one-story cabin ended up being a spectacular multi-level “cabin”.  The design ended up with one of our Power Pak electric heated hot tubs neatly nestled in a rock surrounded niche with a great view of Lake Coeur d’Alene.   View More Images

Yardcore –

May 2014: Suburban Surf Paradise

Brothers Jake and Joel Moss redo a backyard in 48 hours with the homeowners kept completely in the dark.  To add to the suspense, the brothers Moss come up with a design based only on a quick tour of the home and yard.  Based on the owner’s clear love of surfing, the backyard was turned into a “Suburban Surf Paradise”. Unfortunately, the only waves in sight were provided by the electric heated Power Pak Snorkel Hot Tub that was integrated into the design. View More Images

Restoration Wild –

June 2015: Restoration Wild Trout Farm

When craftsman Jay Chaikin has a design idea, he relies on the environment for inspiration. In “Restoration Wild,” Chaikin scours the countryside to reclaim abandoned items and transform them into livable, spectacular spaces, helping clients to reconnect with nature. In this episode, Jay is on a mission at Whitewater Farm in Lake Toxoway, NC to transform an old tractor barn into a one of kind retreat overlooking a majestic waterfall.  View More Images

Tree House Masters –

August 2018: Hot Tub Rumpus Room

Pete Nelson, treehouse master, has designed and built hundreds of treehouses around the world.  When he gets involved in a treehouse project the results are spectacular.  Many of his treehouses have appeared on his program on Animal Planet.  We had the pleasure of working with Pete and his crew on a project near Seattle.  It was the first featuring a hot tub (Snorkel Hot Tub, of course) on the deck.  View More Images

Nat Geo TV Cabin Fever –

June 2015: Sky High Sanctuary

Cabins, particularly log cabins, are the ultimate dream getaway for many.  This show brings those fantasies to life.  This “cabin” or log mansion was built in Utah.  The wood-fired Snorkel Hot Tub fits in perfectly with the log cabin aesthetic, although it is somewhat dwarfed by the “cabin”.  View More Images

The Bachelorette –

2016 Farmington, PA

2016 was our first appearance on the Bachelorette.   While the show itself was filmed in many exotic locations including in South America and Thailand our hot tub was included in the filming at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort location in Farmington, PA.

2022 Agoura Hills, CA

This season The Bachelorette needed one of our Snorkel wood-fired hot tubs in the L. A. area.  Shooting for this season started at the Villa de la Vina mansion in Agoura Hills, CA.  The view was a bit cut off in this shot, but it has a great view of L. A. in the background


The Bachelor –


It’s 2020 and the height of the Covid pandemic and one of our hot tubs is back at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort location in Farmington, PA, but this time for a Bachelor production.  Most Bachelor seasons are shot at the Villa de la Vina mansion in Agoura Hills, but pandemics and quarantine safety protocols changed everything.


This season (#27) The Bachelor is back to its usual haunt, the Villa de la Vina mansion in Agoura Hills, CA and this time with a Snorkel wood-fired hot tub to liven up the action.

Northern Exposure –

1992: Cicely

Northern Exposure was filmed in Roslyn, WA not too far from our home base in Seattle.  When they needed a cask/barrel for a grape stomping scene in episode 3.23, one of our hot tubs was called to duty.  While it didn’t get billing as a hot tub, it was center stage as wine vat for stomping grapes (or some type of berry) to make wine.  According to sources, when Shelly was stomping the grapes,  the temperature was in the high 30s and the grapes were so cold she about froze her feet while stomping the grapes.  The scene had to be shot in several takes to let her feet warm up.

Snorkel in Film

Hot Tub Time Machine –


Never having had one of our hot tubs in a movie before, we were certainly surprised when we got a call asking if we could get a hot tub to a movie shooting location in Vancouver, BC in a hurry.   At first, we had no idea what the subject matter of the movie was.  When we finally found out the movie was going to be called Hot Tub Time Machine we didn’t know whether to laugh at the concept or celebrate.

All in all it was a great experience.  Even though we had no involvement in the movie itself we got to coordinate with one of the MGM publicists and see a little bit of what goes on in that area.

The highlight though, was attending the premier after party.  That’s the party they throw after the film’s premier.  They wanted to recreate the feel of the mythical Kodiak Valley of the movie so they had two of our tubs there and imported 10,000 pounds of snow from Mammoth.

Needless to say with temperatures in the mid 80s, the snow had pretty much melted by the time the party started.  It was lots of fun, though, to see how Hollywood parties.  See Hot Tub Time Machine trailer. View images from premier after party.

Snorkel in Magazines

The New York Times –

2010: A Wood-Fired Hot Tub for an Old Style Soak 

It was definitely a surprise and an honor when we found out the New York Times was going to do an article on wood-fired hot tubs and wanted to interview us for the article.  We provided them with contact information of our customers in the New York area and then the reporter hit the road to talk to people about their experiences.  We think she captured the spirit of wood-fired hot tubbing perfectly. VIEW ARTICLE HERE

GQ –

2016: 11 Stylish Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard

When we first heard that our wood-fired hot tubs were mentioned in GQ, to say we were surprised would have been an understatement.  One doesn’t  associate the world of black tie tux’s and men’s fine fashions with wood-fired hot tubbing.  That said, even the world of fashion needs to wind down and relax and they thought one of our hot tubs was the way to do it. VIEW ARTICLE HERE

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