Classic Pak™

Our Classic Simple SoakerTM system was designed 25 years ago as a soaking only, no frills, inexpensive alternative to our Power PakTM systems. It was/is a weather proof electro-mechanical system with an Intermatic mechanical timer that controls heating and filtration cycles available now with jets or as an unjetted soaking tub. The Intermatic 24/7 timer is the type of control that has been used for pool heating and filtration for decades. The system can be used with either gas or electric heat.

Electric Heat Classic Pak™

Gas Heat Classic Pak™


The Classic PakTM has a simple 24/7 electromechanical timer as its “brains”. You can set the timer to control when the pump will come on at low speed. That governs both the filtration and heating.

Heating will only occur when the timer turns on the pump. Accordingly, you will need to set the timer cycle so it comes on in time to make sure the tub is up to temperature when you typically use it.

The Classic PakTM comes standard with freeze protection. You can set the temperature dial to specify the ambient temperature at which you want the pump to come on to pre- vent freezing in the pipes. Jets are controlled by a simple air switch which is connected the timer by an air hose. Press the air button to turn them on and off.

The Classic PakTM is shown, for clarity, with the timer mechanism on a post that is mounted to a skid. This is an optional configuration. In most installations the electrician will prefer to mount the timer mechanism to a structure like a house, deck member, etc.

The Classic PakTM may not have the bells and whistles of the Power PakTM, but it is as solid and “bullet proof” a system as you can find. The Classic PakTM should probably be your choice if you will be relying on any kind of off gird power. Off-grid power typically isn’t as “clean” as grid power and can be disruptive to digital circuit boards.

The Classic PakTM should also be strongly considered if you are rural, living on an island and/or not close to qualified pool and spa tech support. Any electrician can deal with an Intermatic timer, but all digitally controlled systems, like the Power PakTM, will eventually require qualified tech support for service from time to time. Circuit board and related issues require trained support techs with tools like multi–meters, etc. to diagnose and fix problems.

The Classic PakTM is a weather proof system and needs no enclosure of any kind. All components are UL rated, but un-like the Power PakTM it is not UL rated as an integrated equipment skid.

All Classic Pak™ hot tub systems include:

  • Your choice of Pentair MasterTemp 125,000 BTU Natural Gas or Liquid Propane heater or 5kW or 10kW Electric Heat.
  • Completely weatherproof, finest quality components, no extra protection needed.
  • 2 speed, Hi-Flow motor powers 4 hydrotherapy jets easily.
  • 50 sq. ft. cartridge filter
  • Classic Pak™ components are pre-plumbed & mounted on a skid, ready to install, except for gas heaters as shown above right.
  • All plumbing for a soaking system, 2 inlets, 2 suction fittings, valves, flex pipe, etc. for complete your complete soaking system.
  • Varied height full circle bench seating.
  • Tapered, R-21 5" insulating vinyl cover to reduce heat loss; lockable for safety. Your choice of colors.
  • Starter chemical kit with instructions and test kit.
  • Stainless steel bands and hardware.
  • And, our "world famous" bright yellow rubber ducky, without which no tubbing experience is complete.