Power Pak™

Our Power Pak™ systems are created for us by HydroQuip, a leading manufacturer of spa and hot tub equipment. We believe they are the finest available on the market. They incorporate Balboa electronics and controls to our specifications. Power Pak™ systems are designed for user convenience and the rugged conditions that our Snorkel Hot Tubs encounter outdoors. Our Power Pak™ systems may cost a little more than most standard hot tub equipment packages, but the quality of the components in the Power Pak™ is the reason why.


UL listed as a complete system. That is, the entire assembled skid is UL listed as a unified piece of equipment. No other equipment packages that we are aware of are UL listed as a system. This is important, not just for safety, but because many states and localities now require that pool and hot tub equipment skids be UL listed as a complete system. If you will be pulling a permit for your installation, it may not pass inspection without this listing. Check with your electrician for code requirements.

Completely weather proof and does not require any kind of housing to protect it. Many other hot tub equipment packages that appear to be outdoor rated, are not. If it isn’t clearly presented as weather proof, it probably isn’t.

Pre-assembled, plumbed, wire and mounted on a skid. Some hot tub equipment packages are just a collection of components that need to be integrated, mounted on a skid, plumbed, and wired together.

The Power Pak™ controls a primary 2 speed pump, ionizer, spa light, heat pump and has a fireman’s switch for gas heat.

Designed to be as far as 20′ away from the tub and still provide the proper flow rate to the 4 hydrotherapy jets on high speed. Low speed is used for soaking tubs. More powerful pump upgrades are available as options if longer distances or more jets are desired.

Wi-Fi Ready. All that is needed to be able to control your Power Pak™ from anywhere is to purchase the optional Wi-Fi receiver and to download the Balboa Wi-Fi app on to your smartphone and you can control your system from anywhere.

All Power Pak™ hot tub systems include:

  • Choice of Pentair MasterTemp 125,000 BTU Natural Gas or Liquid Propane heater or 5kW or 10kW Electric Heat and the new Balboa Clim8zone heat pump.
  • Completely weatherproof, finest quality components, no extra protection needed.
  • 2 speed, Hi-Flow motor powers 4 hydrotherapy jets easily.
  • 50 sq. ft. cartridge filter.
  • Full spectrum, copper, silver and zinc ionizer reduces need for chlorine.
  • Power Pak™ components are pre-plumbed & mounted on a skid, ready to install, except for gas heaters as shown above right.
  • All Power Pak™ systems are UL-listed as an integrated system to meet expanding local code requirements.
  • All plumbing, 4 jets each with air controls, 2 suction fittings, valves, flex pipe, etc. for complete hydrotherapy system.
  • Balboa TP800 control with intuitive easy to use interface. Full luxury features including programmable electronic operation; integrated freeze protection; backlit LCD display for easy day/night viewing. For lower operating cost it has an economy mode that lets you set a lower maintenance temperature, but within fast heat-up range to normal tubbing temperature.
  • Tapered, ASTM rated, R-21 5" insulating vinyl cover to reduce heat loss; lockable for safety. Your choice of colors.
  • Full circle bench seating.
  • Tapered, ASTM rated, R-21 5" insulating vinyl cover to reduce heat loss; lockable for safety. Your choice of colors.
  • Starter chemical kit with instructions and test kit
  • Stainless steel bands and hardware.
  • And, our "world famous" bright yellow rubber ducky, without which no tubbing experience is complete.