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You can custom-select from our many tub sizes, heat sources, and accessories to design your perfect hot tub. Want help? Suggestions? Call us TOLL FREE 1-800-962-6208. We're more than happy to talk with you about the pros and cons of the various alternatives. The basic process, described below, is really simple. When you are ready to actually start planning, your tub, go to our "Designing Your Snorkel Hot Tub" page.

1. Choose Wood Heat…or Conventional Heat

StoveGas Power PakMost people prefer our woodstove as a heat source because it's simple, natural, and economical to operate. No electricity or plumbing is needed, unless you wish to add a pump for filtration and/or hydrotherapy jets. But others prefer the relative convenience of conventional gas or electric heat. We offer several conventional heating systems. Our gas or electric, UL-listed Power Pak® systems are pre-plumbed and mounted on a fiberglass skid. We supply heaters and pumps in a variety of sizes to suit your exact needs. Call us for details.

2. Choose your tub size

Select our standard five, six, or seven-foot diameter tubs or even four or eight foot diameters. All are available in three-foot or four-foot heights. We can also custom-make your tub in other diameters and heights. Call for details.

3. Want Therapy Jets?

Therapy Jets are a great way to ease sore muscles and are an easy add-on option to your wood-fired Snorkel Hot Tub. Jets, of course, come standard with our gas and electric-heated systems. We also have filtration only systems (without the jets) that keep the water clean and increase the woodstove's efficiency. See our product section for details.

4. Add Benches? Covers? Stairs?

We offer a full range of individual accessories and complete accessory packages to add to your hot tubbing pleasure, convenience, and enjoyment. See our product section for details.

5. Prefer a Kit or Fully Assembled?

Our precision-cut kits come with absolutely everything, right down to a ratcheting box wrench to tighten the hoops' lug nuts and a rubber mallet to seat the staves without damaging them. Thousands of homeowners have found assembly a simple and rewarding do-it-yourself project. Others have a handy friend do the assembly. If you'd prefer your hot tub be delivered fully assembled and ready to go, call for details on our "White Glove Delivery Program."

Tub Specifications and Heat Rate Chart

Tub Size Gallons Weight 11 kW Elec. Header 100 BTU Gas Heater Snorkel Stove Scuba Stove
  Approximate Temperature Rise (°F/hr)
4 x 3 209 1910 22 51   36
4 x 4 290 2596 16 37   26
5 x 3 336 3032 14 32 45 22
5 x 4 467 4129 10 23 32 16
6 x 3 495 4422 9 21 30 15
6 x 4 686 6028 7 15 22 11
7 x 3 683 5984 7 16 22 11
7 x 4 947 8174 5 11 16 8
8 x 3 902 7870 5 12 17 8
8 x 4 1251 10727  4 8 12 6
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