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The Zen of Snorkel Hot Tubs

Zen of Snorkel Hot TubbingWood-fired hot tubbing is unique. People choose a wood-fired hot tub for a variety of reasons. Some like the low cost of operation, others like the appearance of the tub or the concept of wood heat. Whatever the reason most approach it as just another form hot tubbing. What they discover is that wood-fired hot tubs provide a whole new layer to the experience, one we like to call…

The Zen of Snorkel Hot Tubbing

Remember the closeness and sense of cozy contentment that you shared around a campfire with your family or friends? That feeling of contentment plus the pure stress relieving relaxation of steaming hot water - that's the Zen of Snorkel Hot Tubbing. Snorkel® hot tubs create a tranquil amalgam of sensory experiences you'll come to love in the deepest sense: wisps of wood smoke mingling with rising plumes of steam, the rich aroma of cedar, the silence of a star-filled night sky accented with the occasional crackling of the wood fire, and the company of family and friends all sharing the same delights.

For many owners their Snorkel® Hot Tub is a place of retreat and quiet contemplation. We get numerous comments like the following from Jim Parker:

"Our family enjoys the outdoors so much more with our hot tub. We've watched meteor showers and the northern lights. Last night, my daughter, Brynne, stayed up and we spent a half-hour in the hot tub talking and listening to nature's harmonies as a special treat for her."

— Jim Parker, Kalispell MT



For many other owners, though, there is …

The Fun of Snorkel Hot Tubbing

While Snorkel® Hot Tubs do have unique Zen-like qualities, don't think that Snorkel hot tubbing needs to be solely about quiet contemplation. For most Snorkel® Hot Tub owners, their hot tubs are used for more everyday kinds of enjoyment and just plain fun. Whether it's a cup of coffee for the two of you, girls enjoying some wine in a snowstorm, boys taking a snow bath after tubbing, two ladies enjoying a malt beverage in the tub, or a pirate party in the Florida Everglades, Snorkel hot tubbing is about your enjoyment.

The Zen of Snorkel Hot Tubs

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