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The ExerSpa® by Snorkel Hot Tubs

Snorkel ExerSpa with wood benchesThe Ultimate Exercise/Therapy Spa

Hydrotherapy—exercising in water—is an excellent way to combat the effects of many chronic illnesses. It reduces stress and elevates mood. It helps maintain flexibility and overall quality of life. Plus it's low impact, easy, and fun!

Warm water hydrotherapy AND relaxing hot tubbing

Ordinary hydrotherapy pools are limited to warm water exercise only. The unique advantage of the Snorkel ExerSpa® is that it is BOTH a warm water hydrotherapy mini-pool AND a blissful relaxing hot tub with soothing hot water jets.

Dial the heat lower for water excercise, higher for relaxation and jet therapy

Do your water exercises in the morning or afternoon with water temperature about 88°. Then turn up the heat and enjoy a wonderfully relaxing hot tub therapy soak before bedtime.

Snorkel ExerSpa with adjustable stainless  seatTherapy jets relieve tightness, soreness with precision

Each ExerSpa ® comes with four hydrotherapy jets and and your choice of either our ingenious, foldable, adjustable, stainless steel jet therapy seat or stepped wooden benches. The stainless therapy seat lets you position yourself to receive powerful hot water jet therapy exactly where you need it.

Place the Jet Therapy seat in front of any of the jets; raise or lower the seat height to focus the jet precisely. When you're exercising, the seat folds neatly out of the way. It is usually used in conjunction with our stainless steel ladder that fits over the rim of the tub. The stepped benches don't provide the flexibility of the therapy seat, but do provide easy ingress and egress from the ExerSpa® and may be a better choice for those with more limited mobility.

Fully featured for comfort & convenience

The ExerSpa® comes standard with a circulation pump as many people do not want/need the therapy jets. Accordingly, the base system is a water exercise tank and soaking (only) hot tub. The standard equipment includes:

  • The ExerSpa®tub with stainless steel bands and chine joist supports.
  • The Digital Soaker™ equipment package, pre-assembled and mounted on a skid with either gas or 5.5kW electric heat and all necessary plumbing parts.
  • 28 mil vinyl liner. Available in blue only at this time.
  • Insulating and cushioning foam for the sides, bottom and rim of the tub.
  • Insulating and locking vinyl/foam cover.
  • Your choice of either our movable and height adjustable stainless steel seat or the staggered height wood benches.

Many options available

The Spa Pak™ with 4 jets is the standard heating and control system for the ExerSpa®, but there are many options. If no jets are wanted, you can select from either of the Simple Soaker™ configurations, which will also reduce the price. Also, it can be configured with the Power Pak™ heating and controls for a fully weather proof and UL listed as a complete unit system.

We also offer a heat pump system for those who want to be able to quickly cycle the water from exercising temperature (typically 88°) to hot tub temperature (104°) If you are interested in an optional custom configured sytem, give us a call to discuss your needs so we can prepare a quote for you. Don't see the tub size you want? Give us a call at 800-962-6208. We can do custom sizes too.

ExerSpa® Goes Anywhere

Because the ExerSpa® is modular and comes in knocked down form it can be placed almost anywhere there is space for it. Popular locations are basements, garages, sun rooms or stand alone sheds in colder climates or outside in backyards in warmer climates. Some people incorporate lifts and/or special stairs depending on needs and the height of the ExerSpa®



60-day Money Back Guarantee

Snorkel Hot Tubs Promise

We guarantee that you will love your tub or we'll take it back
and refund your money, within 60 days from date of delivery.


ExerSpa Tubs Have 4 Jets Standard. Deduct $300 for No Jet System.

ExerSpa® Gas (Nat Gas or LP) Systems
6 x 4 $12,480 $11,195 $1,285
6 x 5 $14,105 $11,795 $2,310
6 x 6 $15,080 $12,595 $2,485
7 x 4 $13,655 $11,895 $1,760
7 x 5 $15,530 $12,895 $2,635
7 x 6 $16,805 $13,795 $3,010
8 x 4 $15,830 $12,795 $3,035
8 x 5 $18,030 $13,895 $4,135
8 x 6 $19,480 $14,995 $4,485
ExerSpa® Electric Systems - 5.5kW
6 x 4 $11,080 $10,095    $985
6 x 5 $12,705 $10,695 $2,010
6 x 6 $13,680 $11,595 $2,085
7 x 4 $12,255 $10,695 $1,560
7 x 5 $14,130 $11,795 $2,335
7 x 6 $15,405 $12,595 $2,810
8 x 4 $14,430 $11,695 $2,735
8 x 5 $16,630 $12,795 $3,835
8 x 6 $18,080 $13,995 $4,085


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