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Designing your Hot Tub

Points to consider…

  • Wood heat is inexpensive and wonderful – but requires hands-on attention. Conventional heat (gas or electric) is push-button convenient – but is more expensive to operate.
  • Our gas and electric heaters sit outside the tub so you get "full circle" seating inside. Our wood-fired heater sits inside the tub. It reduces seating capacity by about one person.
  • Tub height: a four foot tub of a given diameter holds about the same amount of water as a three foot tub that is a foot larger in diameter. For example, a 6' diameter x 3' deep tub holds approximately the same amount of water as a 5' diameter x 4' deep tub. While both have the same amount of water to heat, the larger diameter, shallower tub holds more people and allows more useful "lounging room."

1. Choose your HEAT SOURCE

  • Wood Heat
    The Snorkel® Stove is standard in our 6', 7', and 8' diameter tubs. The smaller Scuba® stove is used in our 5' tubs. The corrosion-proof aluminum stoves' large surface area transfers heat fast. And wood heat is economical: burn anything from lumber scraps to hardwood.
  • Natural Gas, LP, or Electric Heat
    Some customers want the aesthetic beauty of the all-wood Snorkel® Hot Tub...but with push-button convenience. We offer excellent gas and electric heating systems, each equipped with 2-speed jet systems: high speed for hydrotherapy and low speed for filtration and heating. (Jet systems and simple filtration systems are also available for our wood burning hot tubs.) See Power Pak Details for more information.

    Hot Tub

2. Choose your HOT TUB SIZE

Select 4', 5', 6', 7', or even 8' diameter Select 3' or 4' high
Choose the diameter by the number of people who'll usually use your tub. You can always squeeze in more"tubbers" on occasion. Note: the bigger the tub, the more heat required. To get a true idea of size, cut a 5', 6', or 7' circle out of a large piece of cardboard or make one out of rope. Most people choose our 3' high tubs. Water depth is 31", same height as most sofa backs, so you can lounge comfortably. Our 4' high tubs (43" water depth) hold nearly 40% more water – very useful for water exercise, perhaps a necessity for those 6' 3" and taller – but more water takes longer to heat and the extra depth requires those of average height to sit more upright rather than lounge.
CUSTOM sizes, too. Call for details.
Choose Height:
Hot Tub Size Hot tub size
3' high 4' high
Choose Diameter:
Hot Tub Circumference Hot Tub Circumference Hot Tub Circumference
5' diameter seats
3 people comfortably
6' diameter holds
4 people nicely
7' diameter accommodates
6 people in style

Hot Tub Size


3. Choose your ACCESSORIES

AccessoriesOnce you've chosen tub size and heat source, it's time to customize your Snorkel® Hot Tub. We offer a wide variety of tub covers, steps and stairs, benches, and "extras” including drain kits, hoses, stainless steel stove pipe, stainless steel tub hoops, and much more. All our accessories are described in detail on the following pages.

Each Snorkel® Hot Tub comes complete:
Hot Tub components

  • Precision-cut wooden staves
  • Pre-cut and assembled bottom (comes in 2 pieces)
  • Pre-cut wooden fence components
  • Snorkel® or Scuba Stove depending on tub diameter.
  • Steel hoops,
  • Pressure-treated 4” x 6” chime joists (supports), 3, 4, or 5 depending on tub diameter.
  • Rubber mallet (for assembly)
  • Ratcheting Box Wrench (for tightening hoop lug nuts)
  • Complete assembly & operation manual
  • All hardware & fasteners

ORDER EARLY to get even more!

  • 6' stove pipe, galvanized
  • Chimney Cap with Spark Screen
  • Damper to regulate burn rate
  • Ash Scoop
  • Thermometer
  • Genuine Snorkel T-Shirt
  • And our famous and indispensable bright yellow rubber ducky

Snorkel® Hot Tubs

Hot Tubbers "Anti-Couch Potato Device”
"I do a lot of woodworking and I like precision. The quality and
craftsmanship of the Snorkel Hot Tub are excellent. We have a large, very rural farm. Our entire family uses our hot tub, we really like it in the wintertime! It's our 'anti-couch potato' device.”

—Gregory Retallick, Blairsville PA

Hot Tub Specifications

Wood Stoves - Standard Equipment

Model Scuba™ Snorkel™
Standards with which tubs 5' diameter 6' and 7' diam.
Output, BTU/hr. (approx.) 60,000 120,000
Material Marine-grade aluminum Marine-grade aluminum
Heat transfer surface 13 sq. ft. 22 sq. ft.
Dimensions 24"h x 25"w x 10"d 30"h x 31"w x 14"d
Smoke stack 5" diam. x 6'h 6" diam. x 6'h
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