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Hot Tub Assembly

Leveling the hot tub
Hot Tub Assembly

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Assembling Snorkel hot tub

Do-It-Yourself Assembly is an Easy & Satisfying Afternoon Project

Your Snorkel® Hot Tub comes to you workshop direct, neatly boxed and bundled in precision-cut, 100% complete kit form. All pieces are fully ready for assembly without further cutting or finishing, and easy step-by-step instructions are included, see below. The instruction manual also includes QR codes that are linked to our videos, so you can view the corresponding video on your smart phone (with a QR reader) while reading the manual.

Economical Kit
Kits keep your cost down two ways: first, shipping a kit costs you less than shipping an assembled tub. Second, you do the assembly so you don’t pay us to do it.

Easy Assembly

Thousands of customers, from “all thumbs” weekend warriors to experienced handymen, have assembled Snorkel® Hot Tubs perfectly. You’ll need only a few basic tools, and assembling it yourself will give you a deep sense of accomplishment. Typically, assembly of a wood-fired tub takes about 4 hours with two people working and having previously read the instructions. It can be done by one person, but two or more not only make it easier, its also more fun.

Or…Delivered Pre-Assembled
Would you prefer to have your Snorkel® Hot Tub delivered fully assembled and ready to go? Can do. Moving a pre-assembled tub is fairly easy for two adults if there is room to tip it on its side and roll it. If that isn't possible it will take 4-5 adults to lift and carry it into place. Average size tubs, 5x3 up to 7x3, weigh from 310 to 487 pounds.

Contractor/Handyman Assembly
Some owners decide to have a handyman or professional contractor assemble their tub. There is nothing fundamentally wrong with this approach, but in our experience it has resulted in a disproportionately high percentage of problems. This is virtually always the result of the contractor or handyman being unwilling to devote the time to read and understand the manual and follow the instructions. This is rarely a problem with the average owner because they realize that — never having put a tub together before — they have to read and understand the instructions before starting the project. It is easy to assemble, but there are decades of experience, trial and error, tips and feedback from owners in the instructions, all distilled to make it as foolproof as possible. Not reading the instructions is a recipe for failure. Insist that your contractor/handyman agree to read the instructions before beginning assembly.

The Secret of our Kits’ Success
Our kit secret? Years of experience. After decades of making tubs, we’ve perfected our kits — they’re easy to assemble and operate. Assembling your kit is not just an enjoyable experience, but a practical one too. You'll know it inside out and easily handle the minimal maintenance it requires.

“I wish I could relate how satisfying the experience of building my own hot tub was for this ’do-it-yourselfer’ from first phone call to you through ordering, shipping, construction, installation, and final use and enjoyment. Thank you so much!” — Howard Kinkaid, Allentown PA

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